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I'm Prioritizing People Over Politics

My opponents baseless allegations and lies that a bill must be introduced with co-sponsors is just another example of deceptive politics focused on controversy and not meeting the needs of the people.


It's exactly why NO Democratic leadership has

supported his campaign.

It’s also a clear example of the lack of legislative experience and knowledge of how Congress  works. There are a number of impactful bills introduced with 0 to few co-sponsors, that successfully worked their way through several rounds of amendments, onboarding of cosponsors,

onto the President’s desk and into LAW! A great example is President Biden’s recently passed $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law -

a historic investment in our country’s framework.

To My Opponent:

To continue this smear campaign feeding lies to the people in a desperate attempt to win an election is a red flag of poor leadership.


We need to prioritize people over politics. The People’s Prosperity Plan has been introduced and will continue to work its way through the legislative process, which normally takes 12-24 months. Sadly my opponent is treating this election like a grudge match riddled with lies. As he is focused on a "smear campaign" most voters and the Sun Sentinel find it "reprehensible" while he plays political games by lying and

ignoring real issues...


I will continue to prioritize people over

politics and deliver real results.

Your Congresswoman,

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